Turf Maintenance

Benchmark has strict standards when it comes to turf maintenance.

A height of 3 1/2 inches is maintained to encourage healthy growth. Benchmark cuts

your turf every 7-10 days as required. Sidewalks, driveways and landscape beds are

edged during each visit. Clippings are removed from driveways, sidewalks, mulch beds

and patios.


5 Step Turf Control

Please contact Benchmark for our fertilization and weed

management programs.


Mulching and Bed Shaping

Benchmark cuts a 1-2 inch deep edge around all of your

landscape beds. A pre-emergent herbicide is then applied to control weeds throughout

the growing season. We then apply an all natural hardwood mulch of your color



Landscape Bed Maintenance

All shrubs and ornamental trees are trimmed to

encourage healthy growth and maintain their uniform look in the landscape design.


Spring Clean Up

All weeds, debris and dead plants will be removed from landscape

beds and other areas. We will also trim trees, shrubs and ground cover at this time.


Fall Clean Up

 Will begin when fallen leaves become dense enough to be detrimental

to ground cover. All beds will be cleared of leaves, weeds, debris and dead plants.

Perennials will be trimmed as needed. Fallen leaves will be removed from the lawn



Annual Arrangements

 Our landscape design professional will help you decide which

annuals will fit your landscape design best.


Snow Removal

Your driveway or commercial lot will be cleared when a total

accumulation of 2 inches or greater has fallen. Please contact Benchmark for your free

estimate for snow removal.

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